The Dwarves of Drahatan are short and stocky, while being a hardy owing to the fact that they hail from particularly harsh lands. There are two dominant groups of Dwarves the Endrinkuli and the Mhornar Ok.

  • Endrinkuli- Engineers and builders of the great airships.
  • Mhornar Ok- Shipbuilders and raiders feared through out Drahatan.


The Elves of Drahatan are very diverse. There are groups that have embraced the new technology, while others seek to keep to the older ways. There are two dominant groups of Elves the Sereg'wthrin and the Aredhel.

  • Sereg'wethrin- A closed society that keeps to the shadows.
  • Aredhel- Embracing the Modern age and fusing it with magic.


The Gnomes of Drahatan have adapted to the urban life and found great fortune as mechanics and craftsmen.

  • Talistrata- Engineers and Craftsmen drawn to technology.
  • Calistrata- Undisputed rulers of the underworld.


The Lizardfolk of Drahatan haven generally eschewed the new technologies prefering to stay in harmony with nature.


Humans are the largest and most diverse population on Drahatan. They can live in any climate, adapt most any tools and have proven adept at learning even the most esoteric of arcane rites.


Drahatan berdman